Monday, February 23, 2015

Drunkenness in blue

It’s self centered to think the city is deliberately fucking with me, but It’s getting to the point where that’s basically the only option. It used to be it was just annoying, with the dilapidated buildings, empty library, bad coffee and whatnot, but now it’s calling me out specifically.
Since I was off work, I spent my afternoon taking a lengthy walk. This was not an unreasonable or even unusual decision. It's perfectly normal for a normal person to go on a walk, which begs the question, why did someone set out to ruin it?

Perhaps they weren't deliberately targeting my walk, but my name on the wall made it clear they were at least targeting me. Instead of letting me go about my day normally, some guy thought it apt to expose me personally in large, deliberate strokes on the back of the K Rogers. The message was simple, but its implications blindingly obvious: "Tyler Jacobs does not belong," in bright blue, in huge letters, for all to see.

Anyone here that's spent time around me could tell you that easily enough, but seeing it posted so publicly strongly suggests that the poster means it differently. If people catch on to what (s)he really means, I stand to lose a lot. It's taken significant effort to separate myself from my home and maintain a life here, which I'd really prefer not to lose.
To combat the attack on my hard-earned normalcy, I went to Joe's. Though I wouldn't usually go, it seemed a good place to have normal interactions with normal people. This proved to be a true, as I eventually found myself engaged in conversation with Lucia and one of her friends. I even tried (for the first time) to turn down the complaining to avoid drawing attention.

Several hours after I entered the bar, it became apparent that the aforementioned friend had drunk a bit too much, and would need to be escorted back to her apartment. I apologized to the bartender as she stumbled her way onto the sidewalk, though I imagine he's used to it. The ensuing journey took far longer than it otherwise would have, almost 15 minutes to get around the corner and up some stairs, thanks to our intoxication. Evidently it was a tiring 15 minutes, because shortly after we got her friend into the right apartment, Lucia herself lost consciousness.

Though I briefly considered leaving her on on the floor outside my apartment, I decided it would probably be a better idea to at least get her through the threshold and out of the way of Dreamwood's foot traffic. Unfortunately, I ended up falling asleep shortly after, so neither of us got much further than the threshold. Since I woke up I've relocated her to the couch, so there's a chance she won't realize she spent the night on the floor. In the event that she does, hopefully breakfast will make up for it.


  1. The initial conflict presented by Tyler Jacobs is that Tyler does not belong. It is stated in the graffiti truth and works to motivate his actions as he searches for a sense of belonging. It is for this reason that Tyler reads all the time. He is searching for an escape from reality. Though he comes across as an isolated coffee snob who works at the bowling alley and flirts with Lucia Jayne, Tyler is essentially looking for an escape from Dreamwood to a place where he is happy and welcomed.

  2. "Instead of having to put up with bad coffee or an unimpressive library, I was able to spend that time engrossed in someone else’s world." I like this quote because it completely sums up your character. A reader only has to read this one sentence to know your conflicts, persona, and motivations. I would encourage you to avoid the quagmire you are sinking into. Have Tyler actively try to overcome his frustration with Dreamwood or put his energy elsewhere instead of whining all the time without being constructive.

  3. -Dream about sulfur
    -Work on writing your blogs on time

    "The black king will be born. The white emperor will tremble. The planet of lies foretells plenty."