Friday, December 19, 2014

Tyler and the Tedious, Tiresome, Somewhat Good, Mostly Bad Day

The day started with disappointment and, as if that wasn't enough, continued the trend for several hours. I got up yesterday at 6:00 or so, but after discovering that I’d run out of coffee beans, my journey to wakefulness was heavily delayed. I’d normally have brewed myself a nice strong cup of straight caffeine before even thinking of facing the world. Instead I was forced to descend 3 floors and walk down the street to get a cup from Gavin’s. As usual, it was unbearably weak, so I had to append to the first cup a few more servings. I don’t dislike the place, but it’s like they've got a vendetta against me. I dread having to drink their coffee. I need to get some new beans before they start thinking I’m coming to the shop voluntarily.

Now that I think about it, that’s basically how I feel about this place in general. The people here are nice enough, but the town itself gets to me. The buildings aren't decrepit, but everything seems kinda depressing. Case in point, after beating back my drowsiness, I visited the  library to grab a new book to start on, where I discovered they had exactly 0 of the books I was looking for. Earnestine was very apologetic and helped me find a different one, but I can’t imagine how the kids at the college get their required books with such a feeble selection. If not for amazon, I’d have run through their entire selection within my first month here.

In a turn for the better in an otherwise unsatisfactory day, I was able to spend the afternoon reading in the park (having taken the day off from the bowling alley). Instead of having to put up with bad coffee or an unimpressive library, I was able to spend that time engrossed in someone else’s world.

Of course, shortly following the pleasantness of the afternoon, the town brought me back to reality, taking out the power last night just as I was about to post this, which is why you’re reading a jumbled mess instead of the eloquent tale I initially wrote. Hopefully today will be better than yesterday, since I've got work to distract me and a new book to read, but I’m still living here, my coffee’s still out, and the library’s still empty, so I’m doubtful to say the least.

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  1. Hey I mentioned you in my post. Enjoyed chatting with you while we watched the stars shoot across the sky.